Together Miriam Parker and Jo Wood-Brown Present


at FiveMyles in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Lost Voyage is a seven week residency and installation led by Miriam Parker and Jo Wood-Brown. Together, Parker and Wood-Brown will work in collaboration with rebeca medina, Tiffani Moore, Jean Carla Rodea, and Asiya Wadud. Six female artists from different backgrounds come together to build a space that is conducive to the contemplation of what is freedom and what is home. The current global and local events have refocused their dialogue with the theme of lost voyage. Through time, the work will evolve like layers and episodes of a story unfolding. 

Collaborating Artists

Six artists come together to ask: what does lost voyage mean?

Our goal is to create and inhabit a space that lends itself to individual expression within a communal creation. Our individual voyages all happen within the larger journey that we as beings experience daily. Nothing happens in a vacuum. There is an underlying rhizomatic network that connects everything and we want to expose it. 

UPDATE: Two new artists have joined the project! Merche Blasco and Alystyre Julian are now part of Lost Voyage.

We are fundraising to cover artist wages and residency documentation.

We asked the artists to gather around Oasis and contemplate what “lost voyage” means to them; then we gathered together to share these ideas and experiences. What does it mean to travel? What does it mean to be displaced? And how do we travel within ourselves when our bodies are stationary? What does it mean to be lost together? The uprising of communities across the US shows that we, as one whole, can embark on treacherous journeys to fight for our communal and individual rights. The building of new structures is a constant creation, as we can never be satisfied with the previous systems.

Miriam Parker and Jo Wood-Brown, Oasis, 2016, single-channel digital HD video

Miriam Parker and Jo Wood-Brown’s Oasis is a single-channel digital HD video projection, produced in 2016 under their collaborative name InnerCity Projects. Both artists have been questioning and playing with themes of contemplation, voyage and freedom since before they started working together. Lost Voyage is the culmination of several years of conceptualization.